Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 80: A Tough Week

Bueno this was a tough week jaja we decided to try out a part in our area that myself o Melo hadn't contacted and it didn't work ajaj the people are not as friendly as they are in Puerto, basically had no success.

But we have been working hard with Juanita and she told us she couldn't go to church Sunday because she had work if she went she would lose her job. we taught and taught but wasn't having it so finally, we made her a promise in the name of JesusChrist that if she went to church god would protect her and she wouldn't lose the job she just looked at us and said ok ill trust in the lord!!!!! she went to church and it was awesome and we have her baptism this week !!! such a spiritual experience and the promise held true and she kept her job.

Don't have much time but I met a guy who is one of our members and he used to drive trucks in the states las vegas to Seattle and he knows about Alturas of all places jaja 

Love yall 

Elder Thackeray

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