Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week 76: Milaroso

Sorry, no letter last week. Power issues again!

Well, let me just say that this was an awesome week and our zone! We are extremely happy and with our hard work and obedience, the Lord took care of the rest. <Tomorrow we will be traveling to Managua to celebrate at presidents house eat dinner and have a little pday action in Managua it been over a year since I've left Puerto haha so it should be quite the experience.

This week we baptized Nisa and Lisa who are Hermana they are the super awesome family we have been teaching!! we were going to baptize thee mom Xiomara as well but she is pregnant and was having some complications with the baby so we're gonna do here baptism next week!!! they are a really awesome family that has been through a lot Xiomara is a single mother but has really progressed with the gospel and is moving forward!!!!!!!!!!!.

one of the members has a nephew named Jose David he always goes to church and basically every companionship since Nam has taught her and tried to help him accept the Lord's gospel, but Satan always gets in the way. on Thursday we were ending our fast and when we finished the prayer, he just walked into our lunch city house and was like elders I WANT TO GET BAPTISED TODAY!!!!! such an awesome miracle of the lord it just shows to go you that everyone has there a time when they will be converted I fill honored to play a part in his conversion!!

This week we have Hermana Xiomara and Hermano Alex preparing to accept the gospel. Alex whole family is members menos him he's told us his lost his way for a while but is ready to find God again we are super happy and always have a great time teaching him.

Hope all is well love yall

Elder Thackeray

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