Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 79: Another Good Week

Another good week int he books! We had a ward talent show on Saturday it was good I recommend it for you guys lots of people came and presented talents it was a good time.

We have been working hard with Juanita and her daughter Ana they are both single mothers but have a strong desire to find the truth,
we have been talking a lot about the book of Mormon with them and have had soe reallly good experiencias and some powerful lesson.

We have also been working alot with some inactive familas trying to get them going again , its basically like they are investigators but someonetimes they are harder to teach and hearts are harder as well

What is the new mission spot like. Well i feel like im in the states again after beeing in puerto for so long definaltey alot more things accesible like today we went to metrocentro and had pizzahut jaja so its alot different , metrocentro is like a mall place its cool, people well its weird cause its a ward and i havent been in a ward my whole mission so i feel useless on sundays usually id have to give a message pass the sacrament or teach a class and now i do nothing..

Are the people different? yeah people here are alot different just cause its like a different cutuire jaja its a litte more civilized and the people are alot more prideful.

 Is it like a big city? yeah its the captital of nicaragua so its pretty big jaja...

What are the stores and restaurants like? the restarants theres like mcdonalds and pizzahut whatever you want realy store well mostly its just pulps unless you get to the main part pulps are just like  snack shacks so its nice to ave that right in front of the house

I assume you still walk everywhere?yeah now we take the city bus alot as well
Is it hard to speak Spanish and not Moskito? yeah jaja ive been accidenlty saying alot of miskitu in my lesssons but i did get to teach in miskitu the other day with a family so that was cool

Compare and constrast this area with Puerto. Well its basically how i felt when i went from the states to nicaragua but like reverse because its like im back it in the states theres super markets mcdonalds pizza hut memebers have cars its really weird completly different working you have to work alot more off referecias of members

Love youall!!

Elder Thackeray

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