Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 77: 58 Hours on a Bus

Well after 13 months I said goodbye to Puerto.... it was tough to leave, leaving lots of families there. I'm moving from the Puerto zona y I am ready for my next challenge. I am going to be a step father haha. im going to finish the training of elder melo from brazil. We a chill guy the area needs alot of work but we are going to change things up. for the first time in my mission i am in a ward for the first time in my mission it will be wierd having a strong leadership in the church . Zona las americas my area is called reuben dario this is not puerto that is for sure jaja. its alot richer here i feel like a fish out of water jaja. 

On tuesday we headed off to managua in bus to go eat with president at his house. it was quite the journey it took 24 hours to get there because the bus was having alot of problems .
We had a good time in managua we had lunch and breakfast with president chilled around his house played some basketball and volleyball it was a good time. at night we went to carls junior it just opened in managua it was good stuff jaja i hadnt had fast food in little over a year haha 

On thursday we left at 4 again no problems with the bus abut there  part where you have to cross on a ferry and when we got there at night it was closed so we had to sleep in the bus all night till it oped in the morning so we got to puerto about 2 the next day but it mad for a good 34 hour bus ride . so on firday we had the baptism of jasel who is the daughter of a member who just reciently moved to puerto from managua we are going to marry her, marie and her husband juan in 3 weeks juan no es miembro but we are working hard with him so he can get baptised as well !!

Hope all is well
Love Elder Thackeray

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