Sunday, February 11, 2018

Week 78: New Area

Well, it has been a really good week! the area has needed a lot of work because the last missionary who left didn't li}eave it in very good hands in terms of investigators but we had a great week and found lots of news which was really good.

We are teaching Juanita and her son they are preparing to be baptised next week they are cool a really humble family, this week was the primary program in the church so she was a little confused as to why the children were doing the preaching but said she really liked it but we explained about the primary stuff and it was good.

Its been a different kind of challenge training but I have been learning lots with my stepson sometimes I forget he's new jaja it's a different experience! 

Sunday we were guided by the spirit and it was awesome we were looking for a less active but its always hard to find directions here because it's like where the dog died 3 years ago 3 blocks north. but we fond the menos activo and he likes with like 20 people in his house so its awesome jaja everyone was really positive and wants to go to church so we are really excited to start teaching that family

Hope all is well

Love elder Thackeray

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