Friday, December 30, 2016

Week 31: 7 months!!!

Last Zone Meeting before transfers.
7 months!!! Crazy how fast time is flying by! This week went pretty well. On Tuesday my companion had to get an ingrown toenail removed.  He thought they were just going to take off the ingrown part, but they took the whole toenail off!!! It was looking pretty nasty! He can't really walk but he's a hard worker so we still went out and worked.  He just kinda scooted along and had to wear sandals.  It worked out for most of the week but on Sunday it was pouring down rain so his feet got soaked! 

I spoke at church on Sunday.  I spoke about how as members of the church we have a special light and we need to let our light shine and not hide it under a bushel.  Basically, 3 Nephi 12:14-16.

Ice Cream at Dos Pinos after radio session.
Our two baptisms fell through this week.  The first one fell through because our investigator went off to do an errand and just never came back.  Hopefully, he's OK we haven't heard from him since.  The other one was a lady that ended up having her baby this week.  We thought it was best not to bring the baby out in the wind and rain just to be baptized.

Anyway, everything is going well here, hope everyone is doing well back home.

Con Amor,
Elder Thackeray

Sand Flies! Natures super bug!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Week 30: No Power, No Water, and an Altercation

Already December! Where does the time go? Really crazy fast. 

Well, things are going well here but we have been without power and water since Friday so that's been fun haha. It's starting to get really hot here. I am exhausted after we played soccer in the heat. I'm dying haha. I'm gonna be looking black when I come back haha.

We went to visit a couple of our investigators but when we got there this drunk guy came out (our investigators' stepdad) and starts yelling, telling us to never come back to his house or he was going to meet us with a machete or his pistol. Then pulled his shirt up and he had like a little iron rod like he was getting ready to fight. Drunk people haha! He just kept yelling. I turned around and my companion was already gone half way down the road cause he was scared. But the guy followed me for a little bit and kept yelling and made a big scene in front of everyone so we couldn't do anything cool.
Answers: Spiritual experience this week was... hmm... hard to say this week was a tough grinding week. A lot of hard hearts, not a lot of people wanted to listen, but.our prayers were answered in that no one robbed our house because if you leave your house without turning the light on someone almost always robs it and for four days nobody robbed us.
I love how humble the people are here and how they live and are happy with almost nothing. It's quite impressive.
The food I miss from my last area is GALLO PINTO(Beans and Rice), I really miss a member who made the best gallo pinto../ it was the best.
Hope you guys have a good week.
Elder Thackeray

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 29: Hurricane

We got a call on Tuesday that we had to go and buy food for a week and water for a month because we got news from the Area Seventy that a hurricane was coming and we needed to be prepared. We got our house prepped.We had all of the goods that we needed. Andddddddddddd it never came... it didn't even rain. We are having the best weather I have since I been here. haha.
Well, hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. We went out as a zone and ate at a restaurant, definitely wasn't home but it was better than the regular beans and rice we have haha.

When I was on changes with Elder Samol, we had a noche de hermanamiento, we played baseball. It was a good time, I threw the ball and it accidentally hit a little kid in the head. I felt bad but he was fine.
It rained real hard on Friday, we thought the hurricane was coming, but again it never did.

Anyways, pretty normal week hope all is well.

Con amor,
Elder Thackeray