Sunday, December 4, 2016

Week 29: Hurricane

We got a call on Tuesday that we had to go and buy food for a week and water for a month because we got news from the Area Seventy that a hurricane was coming and we needed to be prepared. We got our house prepped.We had all of the goods that we needed. Andddddddddddd it never came... it didn't even rain. We are having the best weather I have since I been here. haha.
Well, hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. We went out as a zone and ate at a restaurant, definitely wasn't home but it was better than the regular beans and rice we have haha.

When I was on changes with Elder Samol, we had a noche de hermanamiento, we played baseball. It was a good time, I threw the ball and it accidentally hit a little kid in the head. I felt bad but he was fine.
It rained real hard on Friday, we thought the hurricane was coming, but again it never did.

Anyways, pretty normal week hope all is well.

Con amor,
Elder Thackeray

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