Sunday, November 27, 2016

Week 28: Thanksgiving Week

Thanksgiving week!!!!

We are going to celebrateThanksgiving by eating beans and rice, like always! Yeah, no such thing as that in Nicaragua! Man, I'd love some apple pie right now ha ha. Could you send that in a package? So far so good, starting to eat more now which is good. I was afraid that I had worms or something or malaria. One of our members got that and he's been throwing up for like three days.

Been a good week. My companion cracks me up sometimes. His laugh kills me... it's like an 80-year-old grandpa laugh haha, also he's like a little feminine when he walks he can't get his shoes dirty so sometimes he goes really slow because he has to take the perfect spot through the mud field. Even when he had rubber boots on sometimes he walks the same way. I'm like there's a reason you have rubber boots on... its so you can go through the mud without worrying about anything. If someone invites us to come to their church he gets really mad But I don't know why he gets mad because we invite everyone to our church they are just doing the same thing haha.
We're sending off for our turtle shell plaques today. Also, I got a ring Thackeray style it's got the brand on it and everything it looks pretty cool.

We basically didn't work in our area until Friday this week because of meetings and we had to do interviews and had baptisms and such. But on Friday we had a really good day... the Lord blessed us with a bunch of escogidos in our area so we were able to put 11 fechas for baptism. We were worried because we didn't really have any solid people for December but we found a bunch of families and such which was cool and a blessing.


As for service we are performing,  I heard in April we are going to get to help dig wells for people's water.
The rules for the ocean: we can't go as a group like zone or district just individually but that's boring and I'm a ways away from the ocean in my area.
Things I like about my new companion. My new companion is super patient with people. I like his 80-year-old grandpa laugh and we have some cool deep conversations about the more in depth doctrine of the church, a lot from the teaching of Joseph Smith.
Favorite activity here is... well basically we just play soccer cause there isn't much else to do; haha.
Miskito is good I suppose. I'm trying to find an English to Miskito book because I guess it's easier for the gringos to learn it. Nakisma is how are you doing? Pine is good. Jisis crist is Jesus Christ. Tenk u is thank you there's a lot of words that are the same in English and Miskito just are spelled differently.
Hope all is going well.
Con Amor,
Elder Thackeray

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