Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 57: The Shark

Its a hot bugger haha!! Shout out to olee troy boy getting graduated la ley!!!!!!!
Good Ol' Shark Dinner

Pretty decent week this week, We just doing alot of finding, we have two jovenes that are really fun to teach 17 and 15 year old  cherritum y chesmur they live next to are president and always go to noche de hermanimiento and church and we were supposed to baptise them but we are having trouble getting permiso from there mom to batpise them but we still going good. An apostle came to our mission but because we in puerto we didnt get to see him because usually they satilite it in but it didnt work so that was a bummer.

I ate shark at our lunch cita it was pretty good its kinda like crab but ia lttle saltier also add fish its good though haha.

How is the weather? The weather here its pretty hot but some times its super hot then rains then hot agian haha 
Me and Hodges on divisions

Tell us more about your new area? Hmm well same deal as in the ward i guess we are working hard to try and get alot more people to church and activated and strengthening it but we are doing good its really alot richer paved roads

Are the people poorer same or better off? alot better off my last area was the poorest part of the zone haha. supposedly  theres alot of drug dealers and stuff supposedly in this area which is why the houses are mas fachento  but ive never seen any real drug problems

Playing cards waiting for broadcast to work
What do people do for a living? a bunch of things here its usually they work in the mar like fisherman stuff is the job of most people

Is it more city like? yes def there alot more little tiendas and such payed ish roads so its alot different for suire haha

Hope yall had a great week love yall

Elder Thackeray

Planning Session 

Fishing Boats 

Week 56: The Rat Battle

Drinking some Coco water.

Well last night was quite the doosey let me tell ya!  So i woke up to something running across my legs and it turns oput its a big ole fat ratttt. soo that was a nice wake up call when aa hear a scratching at the windom by my vbed and its the rat again so  grab my shoe and start hitting it but its not doing anything after about a minute i realized he was on the other side of the window so i waiting and went on the hunt almost got him twice i hit him but not hard enough broke a windom panel in the process quite the adventure at 430 in the morning and a great way to start a p day haha. my comp woke up a copuple times and just kinda half eye looked at me then fell back asleep like three times haha.

Another week in paradise other than that the beach is in my area now so its nice to see that from time to time haha. just the same old geting to know the area still was different than the last for sure haha. Some of our most pos inv is a family elix and his wife they have a strong desire to get married and baptised so we are working hard with them. to get them prepared

We are going to listen to an apostle this week we dont get to see him cause we in puierto so he gonna satilite him it still cool.

This fast sunday was a good one we saw many blessings and found a lotss of new people to teach as a result fasting is one of the things ive learned to really love here on the mission. When the members give there testimony its not just like a quick thing not many pass but the ones who do like to give it like a talk for a good 15 minutes haha give or take.

Anyways thats all for this week Love yall

Elder Thackeray

Week 55: Welcome to Loma Verde

View from Church Building 
Well my new area is loma verde also know as green hill haha. My new companion is elder menezes(da Costa) he is from brazil. Cool guy we have a good time joking around good thing about being in the zone puerto still is that we know everybody and you know what there like which makes it nice. 

The new area is alot different. it is a much more richer part of puerto, my last area was just all mud, no paved roads, 8 by 8 houses up wood up on stilts, this mnew area is all croncrete houses(that means u rich here) paved roads way different haha.

Alot more people speak spánish than miskitu here so its different to. alot more memebers give us food here and my stomach cant reall take it haha not used to being fed some much.

Not quite your 8 foot ceilings. 
A missionary just got home from his misssion in guatemala and is really helping us alot weve been teaching his home trying to help him get her baptsied, hes still really animated and is helping us find new people and bring them to church hes awesome.

My new house is alot smaller but alot more secure so i dont think ill get robbed again haha for the time being haha

In church i gave a talk about elder uchtdorfs the just will live by faith i think translated from spaniush so idk if its right but it was good. everyone still calls me taquerito and when the president said i was gonna talk he called me that and everyone got a good life haha.

Turtle, Rice, Noodles, Yuca, and Potatoes 
Anyways hope everyopne is doing well love yall

Elder Thackeray

Shaking the mango tree

Week 54: The Robbery

Me and Elder Basset in our nice Ponchos.
This week our house got broken into and robbed...we came home a little late after the radio and we saw they had broken into our house and like ripped part of the roof off to get in, they stole my flashlight }, my memory card, my new knife, my root beer, my usc pens, all of our food, my electric shaver, my bathrobe,and speaker and they tried to steal my bathrobe but they left it outside the house. So that was too bad.

Raining extremely hard all of this week.  Almost flooding in some spots I've been in rubber boots all week not the most comfortable thing we were walking thru this field and my foot sunk down all the way and filled my boot full of water. Needless to say I was not very happy about that, but such is life.

Me overlooking our area 
After 7 months i'm changing areas. My new area is Loma Verde and Elder Da Costa es mi new comp. He is from Brazil. I'm still in Puerto just in another area.

President Poncio came with a member of the 70, Elder Lopez, he was a funny guy. They talked a lot about families and marriages. It was good! I think the members here really benefited from their talks.

Hope Troys doing well crazy accident, but  it could of been worse.  Tell him i'm praying for him.

Hope all is well love you guys adios

Elder Thackeray
Me and Hermana Blanca (the miskitu teacher)

Me with the family that washes our clothes and makes us lunch.

Me, Taulapapa and Samol.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Week 51, 52, & 53 :Year mark and Mothers Day!

Cruzin' around town!


Rockin' the fedora at Dos Pintos

Burning suit at year mark!

Week 50: No Water!

Baptism of Lisadah
Well this week has been a decently good week, minus the fact that our pump broke in our house.  The guy who owns the house came by to pix it but he didn't have the right parts so we were without water this week.  We were a able to draw water up manually from the well with a bucket. So nothing but Ol' West baths for us this week.  

Had an awesome experience this week. We have really been working hard to find big families to teach and we were walking to a lesson which we were already late for, and we passed a house that we always do but i had the impression we should contact them and we did and we found a awesome family of 4 and put baptismal dates with all of them!! Awesome when the spirit guides us to awesome people.

Me teaching at the  church.
Wednesday was our Miskito class. I am learning a lot. The teacher is great!  She has started to translate all of the lessons so that we can teach the people better.

On Thursday we all went to the church and did a service project and got the church all cleaned up and looking nice.  It was a good time!

Friday President came and did a multi zone with us as well as just a zone meeting because we are the only zone out here. It was a good meeting! We learned about how we really need to do everything we can to bring the restored gospel to everyone first out of love for the lord and then for love for the investigators.

Anyway hope you guys gave a good week

Love y'all

Elder Thackeray

Week 49: The Porch Incident

Me when I fell through the porch.

Well I fell through a porch! We were teaching Hermana Juney and we were sitting on the porch and she had clothes out drying and it started raining so i jumped up to go help her take them down but forgot she told us we can't walk on that side of the porch because it's really unstable, so I fell right through but caught myself with my hands no injury.

Well this week was a little lack luster. We got sick Monday night and it just kinda stayed with us for the whole week. Hermana Juney is doing well we just have to get her to move out of her boyfriends house or marry him so we can baptize her. Also, another lady named Lisarah we are going to baptize but we teach her in MISKITO so we teach really simply using parables and examples a lot but shes doing really well also
My new twist on the missionary outfit!

On the mission I really feel like I've gained a lot of empathy of what the bishops feel like and the other leaders too when the members don't go to church but in these areas I've been in there is not a lot of leadership in our last area the missionaries were the bishop and in my area now our president is having some problems and is almost never there so again its basically the missionary's doing it all so i really have learned the importance of church mostly is the chance to participate in the sacrament and renew their covenants which is why its so important to go. Our assistance in church is slowly going up little by little on Easter we had 70 which is the most we have had in a long time. its good to see them going to church.

One great thing ive noticed here on the mission is that everyday you are doing one of two things either building on a testimony you have of something or you are gaining a new testimony of something. really awesome if you think about that.

On Monday we made a slippin slide it was a good time

Anyways hope all is going well there.

Love yall

Elder Thackeray
Some Miskito phrases I am practicing.

Slippin-n-Slide P-Day

Comin' in Hot!