Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 54: The Robbery

Me and Elder Basset in our nice Ponchos.
This week our house got broken into and robbed...we came home a little late after the radio and we saw they had broken into our house and like ripped part of the roof off to get in, they stole my flashlight }, my memory card, my new knife, my root beer, my usc pens, all of our food, my electric shaver, my bathrobe,and speaker and they tried to steal my bathrobe but they left it outside the house. So that was too bad.

Raining extremely hard all of this week.  Almost flooding in some spots I've been in rubber boots all week not the most comfortable thing we were walking thru this field and my foot sunk down all the way and filled my boot full of water. Needless to say I was not very happy about that, but such is life.

Me overlooking our area 
After 7 months i'm changing areas. My new area is Loma Verde and Elder Da Costa es mi new comp. He is from Brazil. I'm still in Puerto just in another area.

President Poncio came with a member of the 70, Elder Lopez, he was a funny guy. They talked a lot about families and marriages. It was good! I think the members here really benefited from their talks.

Hope Troys doing well crazy accident, but  it could of been worse.  Tell him i'm praying for him.

Hope all is well love you guys adios

Elder Thackeray
Me and Hermana Blanca (the miskitu teacher)

Me with the family that washes our clothes and makes us lunch.

Me, Taulapapa and Samol.

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