Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 57: The Shark

Its a hot bugger haha!! Shout out to olee troy boy getting graduated la ley!!!!!!!
Good Ol' Shark Dinner

Pretty decent week this week, We just doing alot of finding, we have two jovenes that are really fun to teach 17 and 15 year old  cherritum y chesmur they live next to are president and always go to noche de hermanimiento and church and we were supposed to baptise them but we are having trouble getting permiso from there mom to batpise them but we still going good. An apostle came to our mission but because we in puerto we didnt get to see him because usually they satilite it in but it didnt work so that was a bummer.

I ate shark at our lunch cita it was pretty good its kinda like crab but ia lttle saltier also add fish its good though haha.

How is the weather? The weather here its pretty hot but some times its super hot then rains then hot agian haha 
Me and Hodges on divisions

Tell us more about your new area? Hmm well same deal as in the ward i guess we are working hard to try and get alot more people to church and activated and strengthening it but we are doing good its really alot richer paved roads

Are the people poorer same or better off? alot better off my last area was the poorest part of the zone haha. supposedly  theres alot of drug dealers and stuff supposedly in this area which is why the houses are mas fachento  but ive never seen any real drug problems

Playing cards waiting for broadcast to work
What do people do for a living? a bunch of things here its usually they work in the mar like fisherman stuff is the job of most people

Is it more city like? yes def there alot more little tiendas and such payed ish roads so its alot different for suire haha

Hope yall had a great week love yall

Elder Thackeray

Planning Session 

Fishing Boats 

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