Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 55: Welcome to Loma Verde

View from Church Building 
Well my new area is loma verde also know as green hill haha. My new companion is elder menezes(da Costa) he is from brazil. Cool guy we have a good time joking around good thing about being in the zone puerto still is that we know everybody and you know what there like which makes it nice. 

The new area is alot different. it is a much more richer part of puerto, my last area was just all mud, no paved roads, 8 by 8 houses up wood up on stilts, this mnew area is all croncrete houses(that means u rich here) paved roads way different haha.

Alot more people speak spánish than miskitu here so its different to. alot more memebers give us food here and my stomach cant reall take it haha not used to being fed some much.

Not quite your 8 foot ceilings. 
A missionary just got home from his misssion in guatemala and is really helping us alot weve been teaching his home trying to help him get her baptsied, hes still really animated and is helping us find new people and bring them to church hes awesome.

My new house is alot smaller but alot more secure so i dont think ill get robbed again haha for the time being haha

In church i gave a talk about elder uchtdorfs the just will live by faith i think translated from spaniush so idk if its right but it was good. everyone still calls me taquerito and when the president said i was gonna talk he called me that and everyone got a good life haha.

Turtle, Rice, Noodles, Yuca, and Potatoes 
Anyways hope everyopne is doing well love yall

Elder Thackeray

Shaking the mango tree

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