Sunday, June 11, 2017

Week 49: The Porch Incident

Me when I fell through the porch.

Well I fell through a porch! We were teaching Hermana Juney and we were sitting on the porch and she had clothes out drying and it started raining so i jumped up to go help her take them down but forgot she told us we can't walk on that side of the porch because it's really unstable, so I fell right through but caught myself with my hands no injury.

Well this week was a little lack luster. We got sick Monday night and it just kinda stayed with us for the whole week. Hermana Juney is doing well we just have to get her to move out of her boyfriends house or marry him so we can baptize her. Also, another lady named Lisarah we are going to baptize but we teach her in MISKITO so we teach really simply using parables and examples a lot but shes doing really well also
My new twist on the missionary outfit!

On the mission I really feel like I've gained a lot of empathy of what the bishops feel like and the other leaders too when the members don't go to church but in these areas I've been in there is not a lot of leadership in our last area the missionaries were the bishop and in my area now our president is having some problems and is almost never there so again its basically the missionary's doing it all so i really have learned the importance of church mostly is the chance to participate in the sacrament and renew their covenants which is why its so important to go. Our assistance in church is slowly going up little by little on Easter we had 70 which is the most we have had in a long time. its good to see them going to church.

One great thing ive noticed here on the mission is that everyday you are doing one of two things either building on a testimony you have of something or you are gaining a new testimony of something. really awesome if you think about that.

On Monday we made a slippin slide it was a good time

Anyways hope all is going well there.

Love yall

Elder Thackeray
Some Miskito phrases I am practicing.

Slippin-n-Slide P-Day

Comin' in Hot!

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