Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Well the bad news is the Easter Bunny didn't make it down to Nicaragua, haha, but it was a great Easter none the less. Good Friday is a huge deal down here! They celebrate it as a national holiday. Almost every store was closed so we couldn't really get anything to eat that day.

I spent the week reading a lot in Mateo (Matthew), Mark, Lucas, and John, about the Saviors life on earth and about his sacrifice for us. I kept thinking how fortunate we are that we had someone selfless enough to give his lives so that we could live. It wasn't necessarily something he wanted to do he asked his father 3 times to pass the bitter cup, but he was willing to do his fathers will and not his own. I am the priesthood teacher for our branch and we had a great lesson on the savior this Sunday. Mainly we focused on how we can show our gratitude to the savior in different ways for his sacrifice. We should always give thanks in our prayers for this atonement, but also we should use the power of the atonement through repentance. We all have sins, be it big or small, but we have the necessity to repent, and when we repent of our sins we are showing our gratefulness for the gift that was given to us from our father in heaven.

I don't give a very detailed reports on our teaching people mainly because I don't want to sound arrogant because the Lord gives us all these people to teach. So, it's because of him...not me or my companion that we teach so many people everyday that its hard to give an account of all of them, but ill try and give better updates starting with Hermana Juney.  She is super positive and is going to get baptized at the end of the month every lesson we teach she is so attentive asking questions responding to ours and shes golden. We taught the law of Chasity and she's like... if my boyfriend isn't gonna follow this I am going to leave him and find someone who will.

So. we always talk on the radio Wednesday nights and as we came back (I was as on divisions with Elder Samol) and we are walking up the road and I see this guy leaning on a light post . I was joking and said, "Samol.. ready to depend ourselves from this guy?" But, when we got there... he cut us off with his big ole machete! So I said,  "Man he's gonna steal my camera!"  and Elder Samol just said, "Buenas Noches."  And the guy got mad and said, "Oh  is that how is... is it a good night?" Then he kind of came into the light and I recognized him and I said, "Oh Hermano when am I going to see you at church?" Because he is an inactive member and he said, " Uhh, I just been having some problems."So he follows us and we get to our house and he said, "Hey so what do I have to do to go on a mission ?"  We said, "Well uhh stop robbing people." HAHA No we just said, "Talk to the leaders." HAHA It's funny that he went from robbing us to wanting to go on a mission, but none the less I am grateful the lord protected us. I forgot my camera so I don't think there will be any pics this week.

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