Sunday, June 18, 2017

Week 56: The Rat Battle

Drinking some Coco water.

Well last night was quite the doosey let me tell ya!  So i woke up to something running across my legs and it turns oput its a big ole fat ratttt. soo that was a nice wake up call when aa hear a scratching at the windom by my vbed and its the rat again so  grab my shoe and start hitting it but its not doing anything after about a minute i realized he was on the other side of the window so i waiting and went on the hunt almost got him twice i hit him but not hard enough broke a windom panel in the process quite the adventure at 430 in the morning and a great way to start a p day haha. my comp woke up a copuple times and just kinda half eye looked at me then fell back asleep like three times haha.

Another week in paradise other than that the beach is in my area now so its nice to see that from time to time haha. just the same old geting to know the area still was different than the last for sure haha. Some of our most pos inv is a family elix and his wife they have a strong desire to get married and baptised so we are working hard with them. to get them prepared

We are going to listen to an apostle this week we dont get to see him cause we in puierto so he gonna satilite him it still cool.

This fast sunday was a good one we saw many blessings and found a lotss of new people to teach as a result fasting is one of the things ive learned to really love here on the mission. When the members give there testimony its not just like a quick thing not many pass but the ones who do like to give it like a talk for a good 15 minutes haha give or take.

Anyways thats all for this week Love yall

Elder Thackeray

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