Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week 73: Hurricane Nate

Sorry, no letter last week. No power.

Well, the hurricane didn't kill us so don't worry just a little rain and wind is all.

Monday through Thursday my comp was in Managua so I had to do divisions for that time shooting back and forth between areas it was crazy!

This week we baptized Julio he is doing well and is super awesome now we just have to start his preparation to receive the priesthood so well be working hard with him!

Antonio was supposed to be for next week but he was like elders I really just wanna be baptized now. he's been awesome he was an old investigator of other missionaries for a long time so when we started teaching him he was already super prepared, at the end of the baptismal service we were about to end but he just stood up and said id like to say something and then gave his testimony to everyone he super cool and we are going to be preparing him as well to receive the priesthood. Both of these men Had some tough lives and have been through a lot but we have really seen them be changed and purified through the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are great men and will be a big help to our Rama.

Hermana Janexas family and Satan was working strongly on her this week so she didn't get baptized but we are going to still be working with 
This next week we have two families that we are going to baptize, Hermana Anora and . and also Hermana Naomi and Darwin they are two super awesome families that is progressing so much in the gospel we are really excited for them!! also two of our old investigators are supposedly coming back from there communicated this week so we might baptise them as well if it be gods will!!!

Hope all Is well!!!

Love Elder Thackeray

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