Sunday, February 4, 2018

Week 74: Working Hard

Well, what a week it has been super rough and long but very successful. The zone is working super hard. Me and Sanchez are also working super hard to break the record for a companionship as well. That goal has kept us super focused on helping as many people as we can and working as hard as we can!!!

This week was sad and happy a la vez we had two families that we were going to baptize. Anora y Elias and Naomi y Darwin. Darwin had to go to work in the mar so we get back this week hopefully so we can marry and baptize them. the adversary worked strong on anora and elias i know they will get baptised but its just not there time yet!!

However we were super happy because we were able to be baptised carol and anacely!!! they are the nieces of Hermana Naomi y Darwin they are like there caretakers they are super awesome, when we were gonna baptise carol she was super scared because she thought she was gonna drowned so we had to talk to her to calm her down for like 10 minutes but we finally made her feel good about it!!! 

Everybody wants to be a cat!

Elder Thackeray

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