Sunday, January 28, 2018

Week 68: Remembering Grandpa

Hanging out at the Zone Meeting. 
Well, Grandpa has passed on to a better life. He was a great man with a strong testimony in the gospel. His weekly passages of scriptures always helped me strengthen my faith. He will be truly missed but now has the opportunity to rest in peace con grandma for eternity and the rest of the family members that have passed on. Death is a sad thing but we are comforted by the fact that it doesn't end with this life and we will all be able to live together again in the next life! We'll miss you, grandpa!! One of the last memories I have of him was going to a doctors appointment and John Denver's country roads take me home came on and we had a good time singing together! Grandpa Roy has gone home to live for eternity with grandma theta!

Good week per usual!!
We have been really working hard with a less active family and it's been going well the came to church every week last week and we baptized their daughter Sabrina. It's really an awesome experience to see them getting back to church and it's like a family of 15 so it fills up the church!

On Sunday as we were confirming Sabrina we felt such a super strong spirit we were talking afterward me and da Costa and we both agreed that you could just feel the spirit in the sacrament room the world was just silent for those few minutes really awesome!!

Karen and her daughter and doing well and we are going to have there baptism on Saturday keep them in your prayers.

Hope all are well 

Elder Thackeray

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