Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week 63: Zone Meeting

My songive ear to my words; for swear unto you, that inasmuch as ye shall keep the commandments of God ye shall  prosper in the land.
The Kitchen

Well another great week in the book.

Presidente came and we had a zone meeting we ate chilliquilas and talked about a new way to find new investigators and such, go in talk about the book of mormon pray and then asked them how they felt after and how they could have those feeling again worked really well and we found 30 new investigatores  this week. it was awesome!!

We had a good experience this week while we were looking for a referencia and we were talking to this guy that was on the street and this drunk looking guy was in his house a little of the road and he was calling us in but we didnt go because well we talked to about 500 bolos a day that never have anything good to say about us.So we just finsihed talkin to the guy and then we went on our way. Then the drunk guy sent his kid to come get us to talk to them. So we talked to him and hes family that was it the house that we didnt see and talked to them and there an awesome family, are accepted to be baptised next month. the spirit was strong in getting us to that house.

Funny story: we finished teaching a lesson and we asked this guy to pray and he was like yes i will. he started praying and it started really quiet then started getting slowly louder and louder until he was jumping up and down and shaking his hands and then when he finished he sat down and was like winded and was like oh man that prayer took it out of me haha i bet. Evangelicos and pentocostal have some entusiama when they prayer.
Our Apartment 
Hope all is well and that you guys are always praying reading the scriptures and having family home evening!!

Love Elder Thackeray

Someone glued this fruit to the tree!

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