Sunday, January 21, 2018

Week 62: La Semana de Milagros

And now, O all ye that have imagined up unto yourselves a god who can do ano miracles, I would ask of you, have all these things passed, of which I have spoken? Has the end come yet? Behold I say unto you, Nay; and God has not ceased to be a God of miracles. Mormon 9:15

This Tuesday in our zone meeting we decided to make this week the week of miracles. We made plans to do things to make the miracles rain down from the heavens on us. And thats exactly what we got this week.

We had 0 possibilities to baptize this week, so we put goals to find at least 1 miracle to baptize.

On Wednesday we found an old less active we had been teaching when we first got to the area and we were talking and we found out she has 2 kids, Rafael and Janixia, that weren't baptized and she said she wanted them to get BAPTISED ON SATURDAY!!!!!! The lord was quick to answer our prayers and let miracles rain down on us!! The MIRACLES HAVE NOT CEASED 

Friday our day started really early but ended awesomely, we left the house at 630 in the morning to go work with our first counselor Hermano Glen, we visited a bunch of less actives, investigators and new people, it was a good time. Hermano glen is my favorite, I thought I did a good job not having fear talking to people and inviting them to be baptised in the first contact, but Hermano glen the first few words out of his mouth to someone new we meat is Why aren't you baptised if you're not baptised you cant be saved haha. Me and DeCosta are always saying we gotta be more like Hermano Glen haha. It was a long day because we were fasting and its always hard to fast and word super hard but the Lord blessed us with strength.

On Saturday in the morning one of our recent converts Miladi called us and said hey can u guys come over my mom has some service for you to do, so we went over there and it wasn't really service, it was just here mom, our investigator, wanted to make us lunch and we helped her get it all prepared and such. Right after we broke our fast, an old investigator of me and elder da costaalix who was awesome and was supposed to get baptised but the week of the baptism he disappeared, called us and was like elders I've been going through some tough times they just fired me from my job and i think this is god telling me i need to get baptised so i want to GET BAPTISED TOMORROW!!!! we were so happy!!! at 4 we had the baptisms for janixia and rafeal super aweosme it was all in miskito the service you could feel such a strong spirit there and such was the case at the baptism of alix!!!

Funny Story: We were contacting this guy and a drunk guy comes up and starts yelling at the guy that he's a bad person then he kissed my companion's shoulder and said I can do that because these two are holy people , then he was like hey you didn't see me look, then he took my hand kissed it and said the only reason I can do that is because they are holy and not sinners like you and me then we had to leave because they started to fight haha

Hope all is well!!

Elder Thackeray

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