Sunday, June 5, 2016

Week 3: Kickball & 4 Square

Well, everything still going the same old same old. Keep it up on the Dear Elder. We are showing everybody up so that is good. Tandy sent me some cinnamon rolls from Dear Elder that were pretty good. Spanish is coming along fine, it's a lot of time in the class and sometimes I wish I could bang my head against the wall (ha ha) but other than that seems to be going pretty well. 

We got rained out last Saturday, so we didn't get to play kickball, but we are going to play today. Our zone leaders are leaving Monday. We are going to miss them, especially playing four square. (ha ha) I started playing four square again. I should have been trying to go to college for four square. 

Our district got to host new missionaries. I really don't know where some places are still, so me and this kid were just walking around the MTC looking for his residence.  Today we got to sleep in, but the other elders in our zone locked themselves out of there room when they went to there shower so we had to go get a key from the front desk for them. 

I spoke on Sunday. You have to prepare a talk every week and then he will just tell you that you are speaking in Sacrament meeting. We are teaching four different investigators right now, which is hard because sometimes we have like no time to prepare but its going well for the most part. 

Also, at our devotional we got to listen to an apostle... Elder Renlund. Hope everything's going good. 

Elder Thackeray 

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