Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week 4: State of Jefferson

Well, everything is still going good here at the MTC. Our zone leaders left early Monday morning. We should get an email from them saying how hot it is down in Nicaragua. They are all going to the South mission. When they left, they gave a cool hat, some Nerf guns, a rubber band ball and some other stuff. (haha) It's a big party in our residence right now. 

Keep it up with those letters and make sure everyone knows that the Thackeray family loves their missionary the most. My team destroyed in kickball so that was good.   Things are progressing with Spanish. Every lesson I am able to say more and more and sometimes I even surprise myself. One of the guys I was talking to at the vending machine knew where the State of Jefferson was, so that was cool. 

Hope ya'll have a good week.

Elder Thackeray

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