Sunday, June 26, 2016

Week 6: The Countdown

Well the days are counting down things are getting pretty crazy right now. Made our last trip to the temple as a district this morning and possibly my last temple trip for a couple of years. We had to sit in in field orientation for 9 hours yesterday, it was the absolute worst. We just are sort of getting ready to leave. As you can probably imagine, our room is spick and span;) 

I'll try and do more puncuation, but sometimes you just have the creative juices flowing, ya know what I mean. My companion is our travel leader for our group and the only thing he has been talking about since we got our travel plans is that we are going to Chipotle and that he is getting a bunch of crap to eat on the plane ride there. (haha its pretty funny). I've been enjoying the voice recorder. I like having an audio journal makes me feel like I'm in an interview. Thanks for that also. I'm doing good and am ready to get out of the MTC and head to Nicaragua. We got to talk with our new mission president. He gets to Nicaragua on the 28th. He is a pretty cool dude.  Love you guys and have a good week.

Elder Thackeray

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