Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week 5: Bal-Ti-More

Days are counting down. It is getting pretty crazy. We basically have about eight days left and then we head off to Nicaragua. I saw Rosemary at the temple.  

Funny language mistake of the week: My companion said,  "Tenemos un mesaje sobre jesucristo." Which is, "We have a MASSAGE about Jesus Christ." Instead of, "tenemos mensaje sobre jesucristo." Which is, "We have a MESSAGE about Jesus Christ." So, that was pretty funny. 

We got our travel plans on Friday. I will upload a picture of it. There is a return flight in case my visa doesn't go through. So hopefully it does. (ha ha) Sunday was Fast Sunday. Not looking forward to dying in that heat in Nicaragua. 

We memorized the first vision and one of our teachers makes us do wall sits while we say it one word at a time. Elder Bednar came and spoke to us. That was pretty cool. We sang in the choir and sang a song Elder Bednar wrote and it should be published in the New Era next month, so, look for it. It is called, "One by One." I was the first group to sing it ever. Pretty special, it was a good talk. 
We got to talk to one of the new mission presidents from Argentina and he didn't speak English very well, but we could still understand him so hopefully that is how it will be in Nicaragua for me when I get there. (ha ha). My companion is from Maryland, Baltimore area. 

We were supposed to Skype someone from Nicaragua on Thursday for a TRC appointment but they cancelled, so we talked to someone from Spain. I could understand mostly what she was saying. 

I will get to call while I am at the airport they said. It is crazy that we are basically done at the MTC. The days go by slow, but the weeks go by pretty fast. Our diligent scripture ready yielded Proverbs 21:19: "It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman." Sound words of wisdom and you all should try and work that into your next talks.

Elder Thackeray

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