Sunday, May 29, 2016

Week 2: Living that MTC life!

"Every good companionship needs a secret hand shake!"
Wade with his MTC teacher 
Hola famillia! Espanol es coming along alright I suppose. Mitch sent me a package with some toys and candy and stuff. He gave me a little basketball hoop and we were having an intense game in our apartment and some missionary from the second  floor came up and was like, "You guys need to keep it down. We can hear you on the second floor."  I have tried to 
stay away from the store as was advised by Mitch. We spend basically twelve hours of the day in the classroom, either having a teacher teach us or studying. Some days I get so bored. We had some good lessons with Marty and when we got to class she was our teacher. In one of our lessons, I wanted to ask her "Como sintio?," which is "How do you feel about that?", but I said, "Como sin tio? which is, "How is your uncle?" so it took a while to figure out why she answered, "El es murte." Which is he is dead, I believe. Spanish is a work in progress. We start teaching this other guy named Eric on Monday. Our district has been chosen to host the missionaries on Wednesday and show them around.  This should be interesting considering I only know where the cafeteria, our classroom, the gym and our room is. The sisters get mail twice a day so you guys need to step it up with the dear elder thing. I don't even care if you guys just send a joke or a funny quote. Just make it look like our family loves their missionary the most! ;) We eat at five, and sometimes four, so we get out of class and finish planning, we get super hungry. If you all were feeling generous or wanted to take some money out of my account then send me some snacks or Cup of Noodles. Anything like that so that I don't feel
The bounty of Missionary work.
like I'm starving before I go to bed every night, that would make me happy. We went to the temple again today. Elder Carico and Elder Spears are going to Nicaragua. The rest of our district is going to Argentina. Everyday I live for gym time. It's like recess. (ha ha). We have a kickball game against the the other district in our zone, so hopefully we bring home the "W".

Elder Thackeray

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