Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 1: He is there all the time!!!

Hola! Things are going pretty good here. On the first day, we went into our classroom and the teachers just started speaking straight Spanish at us and I really didn't know what was going on. Most of the stuff they were saying was just going straight over my head. Yesterday, we taught our first investigator. The sisters came back and said she was real nice and let them right in.   When we got down there, we couldn't remember how to ask to come into her casa, so we basically just stood out there for five minutes it felt like an eternity.
We then just tried starting the lesson from the door finally she let us in. It went a little better once we got in, but she only spoke Spanish and we really didn't know what she was saying most of the time.  Later that night, I started to understand a little bit of what the teacher was saying so that was "Bueno".  Days have been long and we are pretty much in the classroom all day. We didn't have exercise time on Wednesday or Thursday, but Friday we finally got it and we have it at 2 pm, so we get a break in the middle of the day which is nice. We played basketball and I still got it... I was making it rain threes (Ha-Ha) My companion is Elder Calico. He is from Maryland and is always giggling, but we have a good time joking around. The other elders that live with us are Elder Spears and Elder McKee. Elder Spears is our district leader and is from Utah and Elder McKee is from Texas. We have a pretty good time together. We are the only ones on our floor so we have the bathrooms and showers all to ourselves. We are just trying to enjoy that while it lasts. The food is pretty good for the most part. We eat meals with our zone is what I think it's called.  There's a thing called and you use my address and you can send an email to that and then it will be sent to me that day in mail form. Saturday is my preparation day so that is when I'll be emailing.

Elder Thackeray

P.S. It is weird having to have your Companero with you all the time (haha) but I'm sure I will get use to it.

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