Sunday, July 10, 2016

Week 8: The Bible Bash

Well things are going good here for the most part. Monday after P-Day we got to talk to some white people who were down here with the Cathliocs, so that was good. There's a taxi driver that we use alot who was in the states for seven years as a taxi driver in New Jersey, so he speaks English. It's a nice break, haha. He calls me Big Boy. Nobody in this country says my name right, so everyone just calls me "taquerito,"  which is a type of chip down here. So I'm not sure if they have them in the states. We go to what is called a cyber, which is like an Internet cafe thing. 

We went on "intercambios" and I went with Elder Hernandez in Esteli. We have one thing in common and that is he doesn't speak English and I don't speak Spanish; but, we had a pretty good day nonetheless. We went to visit this member and he has like this board that hangs real low and he almost knocked himself out twice on the board. We really had to hold back laughing because he hit that board hard. Then we had a leccion with this Catholic guy and he was going off about the Bible and how it says that the Catholic church is right and Hernandez was like, "No, it doesn't say that. It says the true church is based on prophets and apostles in efesios 2 19'20." Then the guy just went silent. We mostly communicated through hand signals occasionally some words sometimes I'd forget he doesn't speak English so I'd be talking about something and then I looked over and he just had the look on his face that meant he had no idea what I was talking about. In the other leccions if I didn't understand something I'd look to Scaggs and he helps me out. In the leccions I would turn to Hernandez and be like crap he doesn't speak English haha but we made it through the day.

We got back the next day and it's just pouring rain hard so that sucked and nobody was home so we was just chillin in the rain we passed by a tree and picked off some sap and was like pioneers used to chew this that's how they invented gum and he ate it and chewed it for a while then I couldn't stop laughing so he spit it out.

On Friday we were tracting we either had to go left or right we flipped a coin three times all said left but Scaggs wanted to go right flipped it one more time it said right so we went right, ended up back in the sticks of Nicaragua nothing but a dirt path going through the forest I thought for sure we were gonna get stabbed by Aborigines haha but two hours latter we finally made it back to town it was quite an adventure haha.

Saturday we had a baptism for a girl named Jobisna shes 14 and her dads getting baptized next week. In Condega, there isn't a church building so we baptize them in the river which is pretty cool about 20 of us jumped in the back of this Isuzu truck and got to the river after going through some woods creeks and such finally got to the river I got to baptize her so that was pretty cool just need 12 mas bautismos to get the record. I think we're gonna do it. We have lots of possibilities, we just have to see who keeps their fechas (baptismal date).

There's lots of cool little stores that sell a bunch of stuff. You can get homemade alligator, iguana, even frog boots, for like 40 bucks and they have like a bunch of cool hats and stuff. Everyone has like shirts that they got from thrift stores and they'll be in English so you'll see people walking by with like a Washington High girls basketball shirt on haha even though they cant read English. This whole Spanish-English thing is really screwing up my spelling.

After the baptism we went and talked to a referral and she was super crazy. Me and Elder Scaggs only said like two words the rest of the time she was just yelling about the holy spirit and stuff then at the end Scaggs started the prayer and she literally was screaming at the top of her lungs about how thankful she was of the Holy Ghost and such and how it saved her. Me and Scaggs were laughing so hard we couldn't control it. It's the hardest I've laughed since I've been here. We call her Rafeeki cause she's crazier than the monkey on The Lion King.

We got to Condega by bus it was a three hour ride we have to go to Esteli for meetings and such like two times a week, so we are always on the bus. It's about an hour ride to Esteli. 
It's all rice and beans here, 90 percent of the time.  The other ten oercent is a deep fried taco or a pupusa. Pupusas are really good. Weirdest thing that I've seen: there was a horse just walking down the middle of the highway the other day. It backed traffic up pretty bad.

Everyone here pretty much lives in a concrete house with either a dirt floor or cement one. They have nothing but everyone has a TV. We wash our clothes on a little wash thing in our house just like the olden days. We get our emails at an Internet cafe called a cyber. We have mango, coconut and avocado trees at our house. No bikes, to easily stolen. We literally walk about 25 miles a day not exaggerating probably more. The roads are crap just imagine like grandpa's road, 100 times worse, with a bunch of dirt piles everywhere. No earthquakes.

Typical day 

  • Wake up
  • Exercise 
  • Study till 12
  • Eat lunch 
  • Go visit investigators/members and tract til 9
  • Plan, shower, chill, go to bed
Elder Scaggs and I get along real well. We talk about Tombstone a lot. Today we went to Esteli and played basketball. Then we went to eat and have cake for Elder Scaggs birthday, it was a good time.

Tell everyone hello and that I'm doing just cherry. Hope you guys have a good week at the cabin while I'm sweating like a pig and the mosquito's are eating me alive. Love y'all!

Elder Thackeray

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