Sunday, July 24, 2016

Week 10: Dog Bites

Hola familia! 

Everything is pretty cherry here in Nica.

We are always super busy always have something to do someone to teach we are leading the zone right now for numbers and baptisms we are always busy. We speak Spanish to each other, sometimes we try to do it a lot, so it helps with the language but we don't always. Language is fine people here say I'm getting better so that's good.
One of our members is named Rosa and her mom works in the states and sends her money all the time. She has nicer stuff than most people, which means she has a stove and a fridge, etc. She asked us, "When you first met me did you think i was fachenta (rich)?" I was like, "Uh not really, I guess you have more than most people." It's just funny because like rich down here is just like way different than the states. She's one of the more wealthier and the bathroom is just a cement thing with a hole in it like an outhouse just crazy how poor it is down here. 

When we were on splits I stayed in my area with Hernandez and I still don't know the area super well yet but day was going good night came we were gonna go visit a member. So I go and we're walking about ten minutes and I realize that I have no idea where the heck I am but I just play it cool keep walking for another 15 minutes and we come to the person's house we had just left from like 30 minutes ago. Hernandez just looked at me like you have no idea where we were going. But we got on the right track. 

When we were going to an investigators house the other day, Scaggs got bit by a dog, not to hard though.

Our water was out for like two days so that sucked pretty bad. 

I accidentally gave an investigator a pamphlet in English, they didn't know what was going on I don't even know where I got that. 

The lady who cleans our clothes came over and she always brings her daughter and brother. We made them french toast. I played cards with the brother, they called him Grio which means cricket. We have been teaching him and some of the other kids some essential English. We got everyone saying, "I need a sodie."

One of our investigators Asdrewbal, who is super cool, said he had a dream where he was reading the Bible but when he opened it up it was the Book of Mormon and he saw Nephi he has already read to 2 Nephi and he's only had a Book of Mormon for like one week and he's already read all the pamphlets we just need him to get married to his girlfriend so he can get baptized we'll see what happens. 

We went to a waterfall called the cascade today with our district it was cool looked like a nice swimming hole. It made me miss the cabin.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Elder Thackeray 

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