Sunday, July 31, 2016

Week 11: One Month!!!

Hola familia!

On Tuesday we were supposed to go to Managua to a nuevos conference but there were no buses because everyone was taking them to Managua to go to a Daniel Oretega pep rally or something. So we're going tomorrow. We get to wake up at 4 am so that's chupaso but its all good. I'll get to see Scaggs and Carico so that will be tuanis. 

Wednesday was my one month anniversary in the field. 

Thursday we had interviews with president. He's super tuanis he said for me to pray in English and I couldn't do it. It was super hard. I didn't know what to say. It's great forgetting English and I don't know Spanish. Awesome. We got our area books and planners checked by the AP's. We passed with flying colors. Then we had to teach them for a while. We got graded a 92 so that was good.

One of the guys in our ward, we call him Confite, his wife's brother is like a druggy and stuff and one day he was with Confite or something, I'm not sure exactly what happened, but they charged Confite with having drugs even though it was the brother. Everything was supposed to be worked out and such but he ended up getting condemned for a year which sucks because he was gonna get the priesthood. 

Friday- we had changes. I went with Elder Spencer one of our zone leaders. We had a good time and got logos which is good. When we were walking to go do an interview it literally started raining so hard it was like a torrential down pour. Everything got soaked then we had to walk around with wet shoes the rest of the time which sucked. My shoes are waterproof but they soaked my pants and then it ran down into my shoes.

Saturday- I bought a pretty sweet looking hammock for 120 cords which is like 4 dollars-ish. A senior couple, the Bell's, come down quite a bit to our branch to help us. We went and visited people with them, then went to the noche de hermanimiento, which is like a family home evening but with our whole branch.

Sunday- We found this bunnny outside our house just chillin not sure exactly where he came from. He's our pet now and we named him Rodger. We had a baptism at nine. Of course no one shows up until 10ish. There's Mormon Standard Time and then there's Nica Time, which is way worse. But, the baptism was good. 

After church we went around visting everyone. We went to get the signature of the mom of two of our possibilities next week and when we got there they said they changed their mind. We literally just talked to them yesterday and they were all good, then their dad went off and said they needed to honor their baptism that they had in the Cathlioc church. We tried talking to the dad before but he never seemed to care until Sunday.

Monday-  P-day. We just went to Esteli and hung out with some of our zone.

Fun Facts about Nicaragua: 

  • It always just gets crazy down here during elections. They said last time people started burning police and post offices.
  • There's this nasty cheese stuff and that's the most disgusting thing I've eaten. 
  • I brush my teeth every day. 
  • In Condega, it's pretty nice. Not super hot only like 85 with 71 percent humidity which is good and bad. I guess once I get close to Managua it' ll be super hot.
  • When we go to the bus stop when the bus comes people go buck wild to get a seat pushing people over shoving kids through the windows anything they have to do to get a seat. Animals. 
Spiritual experiences-- getting to have the gift of tongues in leccions where I can say exactly what I was supposed to say in Spanish. One day we were in the bad part of town late at night and we needed a taxi but none of the taxis we usually call answered. So I just prayed for one to come. As soon as I finished my prayer there were headlights in the distance and it was a taxi. Mostly just the little things, answers to prayers whether its for me or investigators or someone else just like the littlest things that make you realize God has a hand in your life everyday.

Remember the office where Michael goes to have a meeting with David Wallace. Michael thinks he's in trouble, but David just wants to know why his branch is doing so well. So Michael starts blabbering about something then he's like, "Sometimes I'll start a sentence and I have no idea where I'm going with it." That is how I feel in leccions sometimes. The other day I was talking and I said, "y tambien(and also)" but I didn't have anything else to say. So I just started saying things that were not really even pertinent to that specific leccion.

Elder Thackeray

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