Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 43: Four baptisms

Baptism of Hermano Samuel's family.
We were really blessed with a lot of miracles this week and 4 baptisms of awesome people and thus the miracles have not ceased!!!!!

Funny Story of the Week: Two other elders had to come pick something up from our house but they didn't know where we live, so we just gave them the address over the phone.  We forgot that the house right next to us has the same address as our house. So, we see them walk into our neighbors gate, and before we can get over to tell them we live they walk up our neighbors steps open the door and walk right in like they own the place.  Needless to say, they were a bit embarrassed

Dos Pintos after a district meeting. 
Cool Experience of the Week: Usually we go to lunch at 12:00 p.m., but I felt we should go early, so we went to lunch at 1100 p.m.. On the way back from lunch, we ran into Hermano Samuel.  Hermano Samuel is the only member in his family.  We taught his family for awhile, but they weren't really interested so we stopped teaching them.  When we ran into him we talked for awhile and then he told us that he felt that we needed to go share a spiritual thought with his family.  So we went and shared a spiritual thought with his family and the spirit was super strong.  Long story short at the end of the lesson, they said they were ready to be baptized.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

On Saturday, we had the baptisms of Ritle and Aldo! The way we found them was a little different, to say the least.  The story we heard is that their mom decided to become a witch, so they came and lived with some of their family members, Los Supers. Once they came to live with them, they started coming to church and we started teaching them.  They love going to church and are super excited about becoming members.  They are great kids.

Baptism of Ritle and Aldo.
Another Funny Story: We were talking with Aldo and Ritle the night before their Baptism and Hermano Super was with us. We were teaching them a little more and Hermano Super said, "the Lord will bless you a lot.   For instance, with a wife when you get older, but just make sure you find one with a good heart even if shes ugly."  Then he said, "my wife, she's super ugly, right elders? But shes got a good heart and that's why I love her." It was probably inappropriate and we were trying so hard not to laugh, but it was super funny. The Latino's are super savage, they just say what's on their mind and it doesn't matter how rude. HAHA

Another good week in the books, hope all is well Love yall

Elder Thackeray
The local sandlot game. 

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