Sunday, February 5, 2017

Week 37: Things are heating up!

Everything is good as usual here in Nicaragua.  It is starting to heat up quite a bit here, some days it gets really hot!  Needless to say my tan is starting to look pretty good. 

On Wednesday we went to the church because we had big changes to the mission daily schedule. Not really I guess, all that happened is now we plan in the morning instead of at night and we have and the mission president can adapt our schedule to best fit the needs of the mission.  

On Friday we had a multi-zone meeting with our Mission President. It was very uplifting. It was called a multi-zone meeting but it was just a zone meeting because we are 20 hours away from everyone. 

On Saturday we had interviews with the President.  Ours was at 9 but we had to wait until twelve because the President had to interview a bunch of members.

We are gonna have a baptism this Friday! There names are Humberto and Jahir. It's an uncle and his nephew that lives with him. They are super prepared of the lord, he keeps telling us he wants to leave and work with us and help save souls.  Jahir said he wanted to be like the deacons passing the sacrament. They are super prepared.

Anyways hope all is well, love yall

Elder Thackeray

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