Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 38: What's happening!

Jahir's Baptis

Everything is going well here in Nicaragua. 

Jahir got baptized this week! He is super cool! The first time we took him to church, he said he wanted to be like "the ones who are blessing and passing the sacrament". We are preparing him to receive the priesthood. His Uncle was going to get baptized as well, but he had to leave for Honduras so he could find work.  He said he would try and find missionaries there to teach, but if not he is going to look us up when he gets back.  

Some delicious papaya for breakfast with
Elder Samol!

We had divisions this week.  I went with Elder Samol from Guatemala! I have been working with him on his English and he is getting super good at it.  

It's getting hotter and hotter here every day.  I see pictures of snow back in the valley! Man, I miss the snow and being able to go to sleep without a fan blasting on me haha.  Oh well, such is life on the mission in Nicaragua.  

Hope everyone is going well!

Elder Thackeray

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