Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week 33: Merry Christmas ya filthy animals and a happy New Year.

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animals and a Happy New Year.
Zone Christmas Party 
Tuesday we had our Christmas party with Pres. It was a good time we watched the new Ice Age and Finding Dory, then we had a talent show type thing.  I danced to a song. I got 2 packages, one from Mitch (It was the earlier package we sent to see how long it would take the Christmas Package to get there...Whoops.) and the other from the Young Women. Also, a card from Melanie Franklin and her husband... be sure to tell them. I think I'll get the other packages (His actual Christmas Packages) when the Zone Leaders go to Managua this week. So, we'll see what happens. On Thursday, we decided to venture out to find some new people to teach. When walked a good 3 or 4 miles to a little town and found a family who is super cool and positive. We were walking in this field and saw a house so we headed towards it. However, these two dogs were barking their heads off and were running full speed at us so we were like crap! But when they got to us they were real friendly. We found another guy in the area, who, when we were talking to him and we asked if he wanted to get baptized he said, "yes, I have been wanting to change my life around and I feel that this is how I can do it."  So the good news is that we have 2 new investigators.  The bad news is we have to walk 4 miles to see them.  
News Year was a normal day. During the night, I was asleep but was woken up by the sounds of thousands of fire works going off.  It lasted from 12 until like 1:30!  It was kind of annoying because their fireworks were just noise makers.  No pretty lights like ours. 
Answers to Questions 
Spiritual experiences for the week? 
When we talked to the guy who wanted to change his life. Also, another guy we talked to after we invited him to church was like me and my family was looking for a place to go to church and then you guys showed up.
What store do you miss the most? 
Hmm, IDK probably any store in America haha. Walmart maybe cause it has most everything and the stores here don't really have anything. HAHA
Do you have a comfortable bed?
No, i wish I was sleeping on my memory foam at home haha. It's basically like sleeping at the cabin but they are old spring mattresses.
Hope all is well. I feel so bad about Uncle Don. I'm praying for you guys and hope you all have a good week.
Elder Thackeray

Christmas Picture with Mission President

Walking around Puerto!

Found some PINE TREES!!! Reminded me of home!

Cakes that the Nica's make. 

How they cook the cakes.

The never ending roads

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