Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 23: Doug's Pizza

Well, I hit five months in the mish this past week. Things are going well.
The AP's, the President, and Hermana Poncillo came to our house to do interviews. President walked right in laid down in our hammock. He was like, "I like this house, Hermana Poncillo and I are gonna move here." We had a really good interview and he said I need to prepare myself to be a leader and a trainer in the mission so that was cool. Then he walked over to my desk and looked at my pictures and talked about what I want to do when I get older. I said I don't know exactly but I know I wanna be a coach and he said, "Oh a big famous coach. When you get back you need to invite me to the States and give me a front row seat so I can see one of your games."
Spence "my comp" left the phone in the bus haha so we were without a phone for about five days which was crappy but that's life I suppose.
For Pday/ our zone got together and played some games. We played basketball then steal the bacon and then we got some coconuts off the trees at the church and just chilled.
We are in the last week of the change so we will see whether or not me and Spence will stay together another change, He doubts it but we will see what happens. There's a chance I'll be training this next change so that will be interesting, to say the least. I'm hoping if I train I'll get a Latino just because I feel pretty good and about my progress with my Spanish but it'll get even better if I have to speak it all the time with a Latino comp. Well, we wukk see what happens.

For P-day we're going to go eat at this place called Doug's Pizza and just chill in Esteli.

I would say one way I have grown more or less is just the absolute reliance on prayer and also when things are crappy for a while just trying to find the little blessings and miracles in life to make it go better. Sometimes the days are hard but depending on what you focus on determines your day.
Things I see differently, hmmm, every day, knowing the scriptures more and more every day is pretty cool and I just keep learning new stuff about the gospel that is very interesting that's more or less deep doctrine. Mainly just learning the basics of the doctrine better and some new stuff I didn't know about. Learn something new every day.
Some funny things. Hmm,,, there's a lot of stuff that's like inside jokes between me and my companion or the people in my area so if I told you everything you thought was funny it'd be worthless. (You had to be there kind of things) But a couple things: when the President laid in our hammock,. Another day, we were walking down the street and we saw this bolo passed out naked on the side of the street; On divisions we were in Pali and I bought something and all I had left on me was 50 centavos which is the equivalent to like two pennies but this beggar was asking for money so I gave it to her and she threw it back at me. Such is life here in Nicaragua.
Hope y'all are having good weeks.
Elder Thackeray

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