Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week 21: A Rented Bus


Well, this was pretty much a normal week!

We had a baptism fall through because our investigators baby got sick so she was in the hospital when we went to pick her up. So we went and visited her she'll get baptized sometime this month. The conference was good stuff. I didn't fall asleep once because it was so entertaining because it was like watching TV haha! Gotta takes your entertainment where you can get it down here in Nicaragua.

My favorite talks were The Sacrament Can Make us Holy by Elder Muers (great minds think a like mom). Also, I enjoyed Elder Holland's talk on home teaching, don't wait until the last day of the month to do your home or visiting teaching.

Conference weekend was good. Not many of our members came. We watched conference in Esteli which is like an hour away from Condega. We rented a bus to take us there. I think there were 13 that came in total. We are having problems getting people to church, everyone just has all these problems in their lives with one thing or another so they stop going. We tried explaining that you receive blessings when you go to church but they don't want to hear it I guess. All I can really do for them is pass by them and invite them to church.

Les amo!
Elder Thackeray

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