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The most important part of a speech is the opening line that's why I like to try out 4 or 5 until I get a good laugh! "Mitch explain to mom" haha I miss The Office!

You tell Calvin and Jack that's dang right never missed one practice or game in any sport my whole high school career even in baseball junior year where I was throwing up all day like everyone else in the family but I still went. #dedication

Time is flying crazy to think that at the end of this change I'll have 6 months in my mission.
Spanish is coming along just cherry, I feel like I'm picking it up really quick I can pretty much say most of the stuff I want to just need some work on the grammar but that's going good.

Our guy we baptized is Santiago super chosen and prepared by the Lord. We only found him 3 weeks ago the first time we talked to him after we finished teaching he asked if he could be baptized the next day. Amazing how many people every day that are prepared by the Lord.

Spiritual experience for the week for mom: it's the mission every day is a special experience. While on the divisions we were going to walk to Proyecto which is a long way out. It's the way we go when we visit less actives. We walked through and I had a feeling we should contact this one house, but it was a real rich nice house which we sometimes avoid because sometimes the people are prideful but we went and taught this lady who again is super prepared. She has a fecha for Octubre. Pretty cool when you follow the spirit and it leads to something amazing.

Wednesday we had the zone meeting and we always do a quien sois vos? Which is like a bunch of questions you just tell the zone about yourself. Usually we put a would you rather question and different stuff like that so we did that. Then we always talked about the investigators with fechas that we have stuff like that. Then we went on divisions I stayed in Condega with the new zone leader Renusso, who's from the Dominican Republic. All he says all day is panda because I guess that's his nickname he got from the rap song and because he's black but in a white shirt, haha.

Thursday we had the mission competition of putting fechas and invitations. We had 33 invitations and 5 fechas, which was one of the best but our zone did not win.

Saturday we had to get up at 5:30 because we had to go pick up our investigator at 7 for the baptism to go to Esteli so we did that in the morning. Everything went good. Before he had his interview my companion's like I'm worried because he is super peeles but I think he might have killed someone haha.

Sunday: had to pass by everyone as usual. One of our members said she would give a talk so we called her and asked her to wear a skirt or dress. She said okay, but when we were at church her family was all there and said shes not coming because she doesn't want to wear a dress or skirt. Being in charge of a church ain't no fun haha.

Monday we had a zone olympics, so we did a bunch of different activities. It was a good time. Then we went to eat and it was one of the hermanas birthdays so we sung it super loud all the people at the mall were like what are these people doing here haha.

Do I love the people yet? Hmm well sometimes yes sometimes they do things that make it really hard to love them things are just done a little different here haha. However, I respect that they literally have nothing-- dirt floors, no car, no enclosed house, but they are still happy with what they have. I saw some kids playing with a stick and hoop haha just like dad in the old days hahaha.

Hope y'all have a good week, remember I'm always prayin' for y'all.

Oh also another funny thing when we were passing by people, there is a little kid named Stick. He's 7 years old and his family is members so we are like, "Stick, you coming to church?" He said, "Ohh! I can't go I have to do some errands." 7 year old's these days haha

Con Amor,
Elder Thackeray

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