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Week 16: Buenas Buenas son de pollo bien callientitos

Buenas Buenas son de pollo bien callientitos.

There's this guy on a bike that drives around Condega selling tamales and he has a voice recording that says this over and over pretty much all the members in Valle de Jesus have it memorized. But the tamales are really good and only 10 cords. You can't beat that. Sometimes I'll buy like 10 cause I don't wanna lose money on the deal. (Mitch) haha

This week went alright not great nothing terrible.

One of the guys in my zone is a real good running back from Hawaii he was going to play for BYU but Bronco left so now he's gonna play for Virginia pretty neat. Wayne Tuliapapa

I found this quote in the Ensign: "The doors of history turns on small hinges, so do peoples lives, the decisions we make determine our destiny."

Also 2 Nephi 26:33: God wants all to partake of his goodness if we don't open our mouth and talk about the gospel when we get the chance it could cost someone eternal happiness. Don't be afraid to open your mouth.

Tuesday: We had to go to another news meeting so we got to get up at 3 in the morning to catch a bus when we got on we were literally so close up against the people on the bus we should probably go talk to our mission president, haha. But seriously, like in the States there's a lot of order, it doesn't get to squished, you can't really have that many people in the aisles cause I think it's against the law. But that doesn't apply here in Nicaragua. They pack as many people as possible into a bus so they can maximize their profits so I barely am even on the bus literally standing on the steps getting into the bus squished in by about 100 people standing in the aisles and doorways. I had to ride that way to Esteli which is about an hour away. Once we got to Esteli a bunch of people got off so I had some breathing room then about 20 minutes left of the 3 hour bus ride we finally got to sit down in a seat so that was good. Anyway we get to the capilla still have a little bit so we just talked with people I went and talked to Carico and Spears. I feel bad for them they are having a difficult time picking up Spanish and Carico has a Latino companion that doesn't speak English which will be good for him. Spears hasn't baptised yet and that sucks really bad too because when you;re baptizing things just go easier-- your companion sucks less, the food's better, members are more fun and helpful, the bolos (drunks) in the street don't annoy you as much. But the meeting went fine. President had to send his first people home so he was not in a good mood. They macheted us about obedience the whole meeting. We wanted to take a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings after the meeting (in Managua they have some restaurants like that to my suprise), but we didn't have enough time. We went to the bus stop, got tickets, got a hotdog (that was a mistake). I'm not a big hot dog fan in the States and a Nica hot dog is.even worse. But after the long drive we finally made it home.

Wednesday: We had a district meeting. They kinda suck because like everyone in our zone and district are dead. 3 people go home this change, 2 the next, they are just kinda fried, which sucks. Hopefully this change we get some people with some ganas.

Friday: We had changes today elder Spencer came down to Condega. We had a good day. One of our investigators named Chito is gonna get baptized on the 10th. He has been an alcoholic his whole life but he's stopping which is awesome but it's making him really sick because he's not drinking. 

Elder Spencer gave me a tie I said I wanted when I first met him. It's a pretty sweet looking tie. Also when Scaggs left he gave me his Marilyn Monroe tie. It's pretty much pointless and there really is never a good time to wear it, but it's cool to have. Everyone we passed by today, investigators and members, all gave us stuff to eat by the end of the day we just had to take the stuff home with us because we were so full. Also it rained hard and my clothes were still drying so they're gonna stink now.

Saturday we went to Esteli to pick up Spence. We got there, get him, and we headed to the bus stop. We decided to take a bus to Yali which is a community past Condega because those buses are always less cramped. So we get on going good and all of a sudden we wake up and we are driving down a dirt road somewhere. We had gotten on the wrong bus. So they kicked us off and we just had to start walking and find a highway or something. We see a sign that says 15 km to Esteli, so we are like crap! We walk for about, oh I don't know maybe half way there, and this nice car (a Land Rover in Nicaragua?) gives us a ride back to the bus stop. That bus was just as crowded as the bus we took to Managua except it wasn't as nice and I was on the first step getting into the bus holding on to the bars on the outside all the way to Condega. Pretty sketch. But we made it back finally.

Sunday we had a conference in Esteli so we took everyone there in a bus; we had more people than I expected (about our average 26- 8 investigators). So we got to Esteli and pretty much doubled the people in church. It was weird seeing people in shirts and ties like usually it's just the missionaries and a couple other people. It was weird having church in an actual capilla because we just have it in a house. It was weird not having to do the sacrament, direct the meeting, or teach the classes, because that's what we usually do. It was just relaxing, just laid back and chilled. The senior couple there made us all sack lunches to take home so that was nice of them. Once we got home it just started pouring super hard again but the power didn't go out this time so that was good.

Anyways that's pretty much my week in a nutshell hope everyone is doing well. Have a good week! Love y'all!

Elder Thackeray

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